20 Questions: Do You Carry Solid Wood Furniture?

Style In Form has several collections that are made out of solid wood.


Our best selling Natura line is made from the roots of the Indonesian Suar tree. Also known as Rain Tree or Monkeypod, Suar is a durable, decay resistant, fast growing hardwood with a crisscrossed, interlocking grain that helps to prevent cracking – especially when moved to drier climates, like ours.  Native to South America, Suar has been dispersed throughout the tropics for the better part of 100 years and is a favourite of furniture importers. The great variation of tones from the center to the outer edge of the tree help create beautiful multi-coloured patterns, that add dimension and individuality to each piece.

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Our Brit Collection, Baxter Cube, and exquisite new Buffalo Desks are made from solid mango wood. Mango trees, bearers of the delicious mango fruit, are found in India, tropical Asia and Hawaii, and are only harvested for furniture once their fruit-bearing lifespan has passed. Mango wood has a distinctive grain, full of natural waves and patterns, and a rich colour palette that ranges from light and dark browns to vibrant orange and bronzes. Dense,  durable, and fast growing, Mango wood is an eco-friendly, sustainable, and increasing popular alternative to other slow-growing hardwoods, such as teak and oak, which can be much more expensive and require a lot longer to produce.



And last, but certainly not least, our fabulous mid century modern Curve Chair and elegant Cricket collection are all made from solid, steam bent ash and beech.



Check out our website for more of our collections and plan on visiting us in Toronto for the 2015 Canadian Furniture Show, June 4th-7th at the International Center in Mississauga, Hall 5, Booth 5339.