5 Ways To Ring In Spring – New Essentials

Spring has sprung! Here are 5 new Style In Form essentials that will help you transform your interior from drab to fab.

Faux fur throws in light and airy tones will add a much needed burst of colour without breaking the bank. Why change the big pieces when a dash of freshness will do? Available in white, blush, light blue, grey and black.Nothing says Spring like a mad pop of unexpected colour – from the gorgeous greens of new leaves emerging, the rich yellows of tulips unfurling or the first hints of pink as cherry blossoms bloom. Our Ethan swivel chair, with its vibrant peacock velvet fabric elicits a similar reaction.

Spring is the perfect time to shrug off the grey and lighten up your life. Introducing white accent pieces into your space is a simple way to brighten things up and stay totally on trend. Our Noor coffee and accent tables feature hand carved details and a whitewash finish.Mixed material accent pieces are definite Spring essentials. Our Agate accent tables in silver and brass feature tops with beautiful bands of colour and mesmerizing patterns set on 3 slim legs. Our Nine accent table features a natural acacia wood top set on  a stainless steel base with fun circular details.Our Faux fur throws arrive this week. Our Noor collection, Agate and Nine accent tables are in stock. Our Ethan swivel chair arrives in a couple of weeks.