Allison’s Amazing Adventure in New York City

santa_nyI have to say I’m kind of embarrassed….this was my first trip to New York. I’m not even sure what precluded me from going all these years but as they say, things happen the way they do for a reason. I loved the sights, the furniture, the design, the architecture, the food…but it was the people I loved most. It was the NY policemen who happily obliged a photo, the cab drivers who never complained when we weren’t sure of our address, the native New Yorkers striking up friendly conversation in line ups or at restaurants. It was the most comfortable place I’d never been before. No need to fit in or be something you aren’t or wear the right outfit, because there aren’t any rules there. Exhale. It was a very good ending to 2014. Check out our Facebook Page for more pictures, including some beautiful furniture finds.


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