Firmly Planted

Loved for their natural beauty and coveted for their styling magic, plants are the must-have accessory for 2019.

There is a new obsession in Canada, and it’s one that is actually good for our health. Style influencers like the Jungalow and Urban Jungle have redefined how we think about the common houseplant, transforming them into the design darling of the moment.

We’re obsessed. #sorrynotsorry

So just how can Canadian retailers and designers bring this trend to consumers? With amazing design and products … and some hot tips to boot.

1. New Circa Planters

Simple. Chic. Elegant. Our new Circa Planters elevate your plant game in white stoneware with natural beech legs. Available in 4 sizes these planters add mid-mod style and fit easily into any interior.

2. Seagrass Baskets

One of the simplest things your customers can do is pop a plant into a basket. Seagrass baskets are the go-to for top designers and we have 3 gorgeous collections to choose from. Keep it neutral in our natural or whitewash collections or bring the drama with black.

3. Natura Dian Bench

Simple and gorgeous, plants displayed on a bench is all the #goals we’re looking for this season. Layer sizes and textures for extra va va voom!

Shop: Circa Planters  / Seagrass Baskets / Natura Dian Bench

Tips for talking plants with your customers:

1. Millennials love this trend.

With many of them living in apartments and smaller homes without expansive yards, plants are a quick and easy way to bring nature indoors. Give them options for stylish affordable planters and baskets that add insta-charm to their homes.

2. “But this isn’t the 70s. I don’t want a hippie vibe.”

We get it. Your customers have seen the Throwback Thursday posts with bad macrame hangers and spider plants. Or they lived through it. The new plant trend is sophisticated with a mid-century mod groove. Think fresh, neutral colors and a minimalist vibe like our Circa planters.

3. De-stress.

That’s right. Plants bring nature inside and actually make us calmer and more at ease. Did you know that they have done studies showing that when placed in hospital rooms, plants can actually help to reduce our blood pressure? So tell your customers to fill up their offices and spaces with plants. It’s good for their health.

Shop: Seagrass Open Baskets (Set of 3) – Black / Ethan Swivel Chair

4. Breathe Easy.

Plants remove toxins from the air. They work for us 24-hours a day removing substances like formaldehyde and benzene and more.

5. Fill an Awkward Space.

We’ve all got them. That strange, wasted space where nothing will fit. Do you know what fits there? Plants in pots and >baskets. That’s what.

6. What do I do when I am away?

Your customers want to build a beautiful indoor Shangri-la but what do they do when they are away on vacation? Fortunately, CNET has these easy plant hacks to keep everyone fresh and happy.

Shop: Trafalgar Bench / Circa Base Planter / Elliot Sofa

Your customers don’t need a green thumb to make plants look amazing in the home.

Any nursery or florist will have experts to help your customers pick the perfect plants for their home. With some simple styling tips and stylish accessories, they will have their own gorgeous indoor garden up in minutes.

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