For the Love of Animals

You had us at “woof”. 

Our hearts are all aflutter when we think about dogs. Our Style In Form family includes a rescue Great Dane, a Lab Staffordshire mix, two street dogs from Mexico and Frank, so it was a thunderous “YES” when Serinda Swan asked us to help her friend Nikki from Road Dogs and Rescue.

Nikki is a dedicated, selfless and committed champion for our furry best friends. A British ex-pat, she started volunteering for Ace of Hearts in California over 10 years ago. After her beloved pit bull Vinny died, she rescued an English Bulldog named Huxley. “I wasn’t planning on keeping him but he made me laugh so hard I kept him.”

What might have been seen as a “foster fail” was actually the beginning of a whole new chapter for Nikki who became fiercely committed to rescuing bulldogs.

Her work is endless and at times overwhelming. It takes a special person to put the needs of helpless animals before their own so we thought Nikki deserved something special just for her. We sent her our Herringbone 6 Drawer Dresser and Herringbone Queen Bed and we are so pleased with how her doggies have settled right into her new decor.

We took a few minutes to sit down with Nikki and have her answer six questions about her rescue operation and how other dog lovers can help support her much-adored organization.

Q&A with Nikki from Road Dogs Rescue

Why do you do what you do?

To save lives and spread love and compassion!

What is the greatest challenge you are facing?

Fundraising and fostering!  People don’t realize how expensive rescue can be – especially bulldogs, who are the lovable lemons of the canine world!  As we grow and rescue more dogs, the fundraising is constant. It would be great if people could help by doing fundraisers of their own – auctions, birthdays etc. Finding people to foster dogs is also really difficult. We need local ones because of access to our vets but I encourage all people who love dogs to foster. It is really rewarding and doesn’t cost anything because rescues pay for it!



How do you know Serinda?

Serinda has volunteered for Road Dogs and kindly put us in touch when I commented about the fab furniture on the promotion she did with you.


What have you done with the bed and dresser?

The bed and dresser are currently adding much style to my bedroom. Aside from using the dresser for puppy pics, it’s fab for storing clothes. Quelle surprise!   I am so grateful to Style In Form for these pieces, you have no idea!



How can people help you? What is your greatest need?

By donating, fostering and generally spreading the word of what we do. Follow us on social media – and share!  

What 3 pieces of advice would you give someone who wants to adopt a dog?

If you can foster first, that is always a good way to get to know a dog without pressure.  It’s a lot easier to go to a local rescue rather than try and adopt one from across the country. And be open.  Sometimes the breed you want is not the breed you need. Same for the dog. I had a foster who thought they wanted a Frenchie but wound up adopting a Maltese from me. And they love him to bits!


We are proud supporters of the Surrey SPCA Masquerade Dinner and Auction.  

Supporting causes we care about is important to everyone at Style In Form. This year we are beyond thrilled to continue our support of the Surrey SPCA Masquerade Dinner and Auction. To learn more please visit: and consider supporting this very worthwhile event.

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