Get Lit. A Retailers Guide to Lamps

Your customers will spend a lot of time picking out chairs, or sofas or beds. They know they are looking for something that looks amazing (of course) and is functional (ummm yeah) and fits their budget (that darn budget).

However, when it comes to lamps, that can be more of a mystery.

Often, lamps and lighting are chosen quickly to fulfill a need. The need for light. But what kind of light? Task lighting? Ambient lighting? Do they need a floor lamp? A table lamp? What about style? And don’t even get us started about bulbs. That’s a whole other blog post.

It’s enough to make you go running to the nearest wine bar. But, a good Shiraz won’t solve your customers’ lighting problems so we’ve put together this handy little guide to help them get illuminated when it comes to choosing the right floor and table lamps for their spaces.

Let’s start with the basics

For many consumers, it’s very tempting to just pick a lamp and then try to fit it into their space. A better way to start is to first think about what kind of lighting they need.

We’ve broken it down into these 3 questions.

  • Do they want to create a mood? That’s ambient lighting.
  • Do they want a lamp for reading or other tasks? Task lighting it is.
  • Do they need to fill a space with more light? Now we’re talking floor lamps.

Once they know the purpose of the light, choosing the right lamp becomes so much easier.


Mood and Ambient Lighting

This is all about creating an atmosphere and enough light so you don’t hit your shins on a coffee table. Yes, we’re speaking from experience.

Ideally, you want to help your customers create a soft glow and warmth that feels inviting and welcoming. Think table or desk lamps on side tables in living and bedrooms, on consoles in entryways, and even on shelves.

Frosted shades like our Lana Frost Globe Table Lamp create beautiful diffused light while lampshades, like the ones on our Leeds and Lauren table lamps, help to direct light and create a glowing effect rather than flooding a room with light.

Shop it: Lauren, Leeds and Lana


Task Lighting

Let’s get down to business. Sometimes lighting needs to do a job like helping you read, journal, knit a sweater or fill out paperwork. Yes, people still have paperwork.

When there is a task at hand, you want to make sure there is enough directed lighting in addition to your ambient lighting (see above).

Lights with adjustable shades are in order here like our Levi and Heron table and floor lamps. With adjustable conical shades that can be pivoted to customize the angle and direction of light, these lamps are the perfect co-workers. Plus you’ll never have to remind them about the company rule regarding reheating fish in the lunchroom microwave.

Shop it: Heron and Levi


Bright On

Even with great overhead lighting, there is often a need to add more light to a room. A design staple, floor lamps are functional and an important interior design element.

Floor lamps with shades, like Nixon, focus light downward and cast a warm glow while our Lana floor lamp has a frosted globe shade that casts a diffused light in all directions.

Shop it: Nixon and Lana


We hope this information gives you a guiding light to talk lighting with your customers.

We love designing and sourcing stylish floor and table lamps for our Canadian retail and design customers.

We’ve made Get Lit. A Guide to Buying Lamps for you to share with your customers to help guide them through their next lighting purchase decision. Feel free to share on your social channels and email newsletters or in any way you need. If you have any questions, send an email to or if you are in Vancouver, drop by our Burnaby to-the-trade showroom.


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