Mid-Century Modern? We’ve got you covered…

If you use names like Charles Eames, George Nelson and Eero Saarinen in casual, everyday conversation then you are probably already on the Mid-century modern furniture bandwagon, if not… prepare to be wowed.

denzel beautycedric beautycairo beautyComing into common usage in the late 1990’s “mid-century modern” refers to those pieces that juxtapose a sense of nostalgia with our need to streamline and update our lives. It refers to furniture designed in the post war era, when there was a renewed sense of optimism and hope, when design moved away from the visually heavy to the visually light. Common themes in Mid-century modern furniture include a clean simplicity, an integration with nature and natural shapes, and the use of new materials, like metal, molded woods and plastics. Our Mid-century modern pieces at Style In Form run from the more classic Noguchi inspired Earnie Coffee Table to the less obvious, but still relatable, Denzel Chair. Our Cairo Chair and Cesar Chair, with their molded plastic seat and metal or wood legs, are some of our top sellers. Our newest addition, the Curve Dining Chair, definitely harkens back to a simpler time, while the bold stylings of Cedric scream “look at me.” If you are looking for affordable, inspired, Mid-century modern furniture, Style In Form definitely has you covered.


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