Product Spotlight: Natura Collection

“Each piece is a work of art.”

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Made from ethically sourced Indonesian teak, our Natura Collection is far and away our best selling line. “People’s response has been overwhelming,” says Style In Form owner Allison Buchanan. “We can barely keep up with demand. These pieces take a long time to produce and a long time to get here and then sell almost instantly.”

bundarkotak stool

Our Bundar Side Table and Kotak Stool are virtually impossible to keep in stock. In anticipation of continued orders, a steady stream of containers will be arriving every month for the foreseeable future.


Future shipments will also contain some exciting new additions to the line. “These are works in progress,” says Buchanan. “I wanted to add some pieces with metal legs to create an industrial feel and bring in a beautiful glass topped coffee table.”

2013-05-24 14.38.32

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The collection is lightly finished with a protective seal to maintain its lustre and integrity. “It’s not for people who like to rearrange their living rooms a lot,” jokes warehouse manager Norm Jasinski. “They are definitely solid wood, heavy and built to last.”

2013-05-15 10.22.26


When asked why she thinks our Natura Collection has made such an impact, Buchanan says, “The price is amazing and the quality is unmatched. People are looking for impact furniture, pieces that are gorgeous to look at, will last forever and say something about their own individual style.”

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