Staff Profile – Drew Prodromou

Drew, who joined the Style In Form team just a few months ago, has made a huge difference in our daily operations. As Warehouse Lead he has helped streamline processes, organized and motivated a successful team and facilitated our expansion to a new warehouse location.

Born and raised in East Vancouver/Commercial Drive area, Drew loves hockey, football and beer. His favourite teams are the Vancouver Canucks and the Chicago Bears. He’s not too picky about the beer.

When asked to name his favourite Style In Form pieces, Drew picked the new Natura Star Coffee Table, the peacock coloured Ethan Swivel Chair and the Justin Bed.

“I love the way each one is different from the next.  It’s a real statement piece.”

natura star coffee table teak rustic natural live edge

“There’s something about the colour of this chair that I just love. Two of these would look great in my place!”

ethan swivel chair peacock blue modern black base

“I like the clean lines. It’s simple but still looks great.”

justin bed storage low profile grey fabric upholstered

Here’s how Drew answered some of our more serious questions:

Favourite movie: “Space Jam.”

Favourite actor: “Bugs Bunny. You know, from Space Jam.”

Favourite actress: “Halle Berry.”

Favourite TV show: “Modern Family.”

Last meal: “Chinese food.”

Secret shame: “Taylor Swift. I can’t help it, her songs are just catchy.”

We’re really excited to have Drew on board at Style In Form. His positive attitude, big, bright smile and
tremendous work ethic are… you know, “just catchy!”