Staff Profile – Roslyn Taylor

An integral member of the Style In Form team, Roslyn Taylor, our British Columbia Sales Rep has been with the company for eight years. Her relationships with her customers, designers, stagers and businesses, is integral to our success. “The best part of my job,” she says, “is the when I am out visiting clients, finding out what they are working on and getting them what they need.”photo-10

Roslyn’s a straight shooter with a positive attitude and a tremendous work ethic. “I really enjoy working with Allison, Norm, Karolina and Scott. They’re good people and they make going to work fun.” She appreciates that Style In Form is a small company, where friendships matter and success is a collaborative effort. “I’ve repped for a lot of different companies over the years, but now it’s just Style In Form. I liked this one the best!”

Roslyn’s face lights up when she is asked about her family. She calls her husband, Kirk the “best guy ever,” her children, Hailey and Hugh “wonderful,” and their dog, Blaze (a Border Collie/Standard Poodle mix) “the glue that holds them all together.”

roslynthe familyIMG_6873

When asked to name her favourite pieces from the Style In Form collection, Roslyn didn’t have to think very hard. She chose the Tulum Chair, which she calls “the most comfortable patio chair she’s ever sat in,” the Baxter Coffee Table “it’s in our media room,” and the Brock Cube “I took one home to see it in my surroundings and never took it back.”

white tulumbaxter coffeebrock cube





Here’s how Roslyn answered some of our more serious questions:

Favourite Movie: The Parent Trap “The one from 1961, not the terrible remake.”

Favourite TV Show: “America’s Next Top Model is my least favourite show…”

Favourite Music: “I listen to a lot of Christian music… and ABBA. I love ABBA!”

Last Meal: Green smoothie with ginger

Guilty Pleasure: Hawkins Cheezies

Secret Shame: “I’m technologically inept….”

You sure are Roslyn, but we love you anyways!