Stylish Back to College Furniture Ideas

Furniture and accessories have a BIG impact on small spaces

Whether you’re moving into a concrete jungle of a dorm or a sweet apartment shared with friends, back to college spaces need to be stylish and affordable. After all, the best way to get through those late night study sessions (other than chocolate and coffee of course) is to be in a space that not only feels comfortable and functional but looks wonderful too.  

When we’re designing and shopping for new products to add to our wholesale furniture collections, we keep products and accessories for small spaces in mind. We’re always on the hunt for items that can be easily moved, stored or on display to keep tight spaces flexible and looking amazing.

From extra seating that is easy to store away to space-savings beds, tables and more, we’ve put together our list of furniture and accessories that add incredible style into tight quarters. Let’s get started.

Here’s our list of fabulous furniture essentials for back to college and small spaces.

1. Seating Solutions for Small Spaces

One of the biggest challenges with a smaller room is seating and frankly, sitting on the floor is not a compromise we’re willing to make! Adding in the right seating choices will guarantee a space that’s perfect for one, two or more. Think stackable chairs and poufs that can be easily moved out of the way to accommodate a gathering of any size. Want to create the illusion of a more open space? Use armless chairs like out Fifi Occasional Chairs that are always a crowd pleaser.

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2. Double Duty Furniture

Every interior designer will tell you that one of the best things you can do when designing a small space is to add furniture that has more than one function because every inch counts. Try using an extension table as a desk and extend for a dinner party. Choose a coffee table or bed that also has storage to hide-away blankets, pillows and more. One of our favorite tricks is to use baskets for storage. They’re easy to pick and move when a space needs to be rearranged quickly and look ever so on-trend too.  

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3. Keep it Light

If you want to keep a tight space feeling bigger than it is, go with a light, neutral color scheme. Light colors will make a room seem fresh and bright. We’re not saying you can’t have any pizazz. Add in pops of color and personality with colorful dinnerware and accessories that add a little zing just where you want it.

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We’ve got the perfect back to college furniture ideas for your store.  

Small rooms can be beautiful when the right furniture is added to maximize the space. Our collection of fashionable and affordable wholesale furniture and accessories are perfect for Canadian students designing their back to college spaces.

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