The Drop Zone – Norm Survives… and Raises Over $1600 For Easter Seals!

dropzone_headerCongratulations to our Operations Manager, Norm Jasinski, who on September 8th, successfully repelled down the side of 999 West Hastings – a 20 story glass high rise – and survived! He raised over $1600 for Easter Seals. The money will go to help kids across BC with disabilities and their families who rely on the generous support of community programs like Easter Seals Camps for children and Easter Seals House Vancouver. Visit for more information.

IMG_1059“Hey Norm… Why were you dressed as a giant banana?”

“I was actually Banana Man! I was promoting making smart choices when it comes to healthy eating and nutrition. Besides… who doesn’t want to throw themselves off the side of a building dressed as a giant banana?”

“Were you scared?”

“90% excited, 10% scared. That moment when you first climb over the edge is the worst. After that it was just fun! I’m really thankful I got to do this and raise money for such a worthwhile cause. I would totally do it again!”

IMG_1069IMG_1074IMG_1075Norm, and the rest of us at Style In Form, would like to thank everyone who donated so generously to this worthwhile cause. Check out a POV video of the experience below!