Top 5 – Reasons to buy a Tulum Chair

Our Tulum (too-loom) Chair has fast become one of our best sellers. In our Top 5 this week we are breaking down why.

settings-00451. Versatility – Indoors or out? It doesn’t matter! Tulum is designed from durable, easy to clean polypropylene and has a powder coated base that works in any environment, rain or shine. Its modern, striking look works well indoors too, because visually it does not take up a lot of space.

2. Choice – Joining our popular white on white and vibrant yellow will be black on black and turquoise. New colours arriving in early June!

settings-0189settings-0047white tulum






3. Design – Lightweight, compact and oh so comfortable – you never fully appreciate its perfection until you sit in it. Tulum weighs next to nothing, yet is strong and stable, built to last for years to come. A “Market Must Have” at this years TCHFM!

4. Price – We have done our research! Aggressively priced to not break your bank, Tulum is perfect for designers and stagers looking to add bold, dynamic pieces to their collections. Your perfect patio does not need to cost a fortune.

5. Cat Friendly – If your cat has a nasty habit of scratching your furniture or is just looking to shed a few pounds (IMG_3835) Tulum does the trick. They will not pick up shedding hairs and are easy to clean.