Volunteer Night At Aunt Leah’s Christmas Tree Lot


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We had so much fun volunteering at Aunt Leah’s Burnaby Christmas Tree Lot – we’re definitely going to do it again next year! We helped sell 19 trees for charity and bought one of our own which we will be donating to a single mom this Christmas!

For the past 20 years, Aunt Leah’s Tree Lots have been raising money to fund programs that help prevent children in foster care from becoming homeless and young mothers from losing custody of their children. They rely on more than 400 volunteers each year to raise nearly $100,000 for foster children. 100% of proceeds go to providing housing and programs for foster teens and young moms and their babies.



Pop by one of their four locations in the lower mainland and buy your Christmas Tree from an army of friendly, knowledgeable volunteers (like us!). You’ll find the perfect tree for your needs and learn the ins and outs of needle retention, after sale care and why buying from Aunt Leah’s and not a “big box” store matters so much.

Aunt Leah’s Christmas Tree Lots  are the only Lower Mainland business enterprise that donates 100% of their profits to help prevent children in foster care from becoming homeless. These kids are often abruptly ‘dropped’ from government care on their 19th birthday. Unless they have some kind of safety net, job or home, they are vulnerable to many tragedies – including homelessness, involvement in criminal activity, drugs and prostitution. Organizations, like Aunt Leah’s, provide programs which include supported housing, job training, and a series of essential life skills workshops, as well as successful social enterprises that provide revenue and job training. We are so happy to help out with such an important and worthwhile cause!





Style In Form would like to personally thank Nat, who filled in for a very sick Karolina, at the last minute – you’re a star Nat! Aunt Leah’s is always on the lookout for new volunteers, at their Christmas Tree Lots or their Thrift Store. If interested, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Chloe Dunn at 604-679-7342 or at cdunn@auntleahs.org for further details. Merry Christmas!