Who’s That Girl?

home-sadieHave you ever wondered who that gorgeous girl gracing Style In Form’s website and blog is?

Introducing Zadie!

She is a beautiful 4 year old Great Dane with a sheer black coat and cute white neck tie. Zadie is a rescue dog who lived with a very busy family in Delta, BC before joining the Buchanan/Stewart clan.

sleeping2Super smart but needing some guidance and training, Style In Form owner Allison took Zadie under her wing and taught her the essentials, like “sit” and “heel” and how to pose for dramatic photos.

together5Zadie’s favourite pastime is agility class where she has been known to zoom around like a crazy madwoman, missing every jump but having a great  time. For her size (she is the biggest dog in the class) she is remarkably fast and nimble. All of the running around tends to take its toll, so after class Zadie likes to put on her eye mask and catch some much needed zzzzz’s.

Zadie’s best friend (non-human) is Freckles, another Great Dane. They can often be spotted together out on the town or sitting down to afternoon tea. Most days, both dogs (and a few others) can be found hanging out at the Style In Form offices, happily greeting customers as they drop by to do business.

We love you Zadie!