20 Questions: Where Does Your Product Come From?

We try very hard to source products from all over the world. While a majority of our pieces come from Asia, we do have a supplier in Mexico and have recently introduced some Canadian handmade pieces from right here in beautiful British Columbia. Our primary suppliers are in China and Indonesia with Thailand and India close behind. We’ve recently been working with a factory in Vietnam and have been sourcing product from Europe and South America.

Natura Root Round Coffee Table - Indonesia

Natura Root Round Coffee Table – Indonesia

Flute Oval Dining Table - China

Flute Oval Dining Table and White Cairo Chairs – China

Since our humble beginnings in 2003, we at Style In Form have prided ourselves on our outstanding relationships with our suppliers. We have factories we’ve dealt with from the start, who we still deal with today. We want the best margins possible (so we can pass the best price along to you) but we also want to work with people with integrity, who have the highest possible standards of workmanship and quality.

Tulum Indoor/Outdoor Occasional Chair - Mexico

Tulum Indoor/Outdoor Occasional Chair – Mexico

AIM Side Table - Canada

AIM Side Table – Canada

Brava Side Table - India

Brava Side Table – India

Rest assured, wherever we source our product from, it will be produced by hard working people, in ethical factories with the highest quality materials. Allison and Norm are looking forward to heading to Southeast Asia in the Fall to visit with some of our existing suppliers, and perhaps source some new ones.