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Introducing Our NEW C0
Rated Performance Fabrics for Uncompromising

We are unwavering in our commitment to prioritize the safety and well-being of our customers, their families, and even their beloved pets. For us, compromising on safety is simply not an option.

That’s why we exclusively use C0 rated performance fabrics.

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Pantone's Color of the Year 2024: Peach Fuzz is here and we love it!

This isn't just any peach - it's the trendsetter shade that artists, designers, and style enthusiasts eagerly await. Each year, Pantone picks a hue that captures the essence of our times, inspiring creativity and bringing a fresh vibe to our world. It's more than a colour; it's a mood, an attitude, and the perfect muse for your next project.

The Art of Home: Creativity and Innovation in Wholesale Furniture

In the world of wholesale furniture in Canada, there's an understanding that's often taken for granted. It's the knowledge that crafting furniture isn’t just about churning out objects to fill space. It's about creating pieces that fit a purpose...

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2024: Upward

As neutrals become lighter and color choices bolder, Upward emerges as a refreshing shade that captures the essence of healing and tranquility. This light, breezy and blissful hue is part of the brand's 2024 Colormix Forecast, nestled within the blues and greens palette...

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