SKU: AND-002

Andres Counter Stool - Black

Product Overview

Pull up a seat and let's talk about the Adres Counter Stool, your newest small-space superhero.

This stool's got a low profile and a compact size, making it the ideal sidekick for sneaking in an extra guest at the counter—no squishing required. But this counter stool isn't just about saving space; it's about elevating it. Whether you're rounding out your breakfast nook or adding some extra oomph to your bar setup, this stool brings the style with a sleek design and materials that turn heads. It's the little stool that could—and definitely does—make a big impact.

Design Features

  • Slim Silhouette: Made to fit in without bumping elbows, this stool keeps things cozy but not crowded.
  • Slick Bentwood Backrest: Curved for comfort, this backrest is all about supporting you in style.
  • Chic Woven Seat: The woven paper cord seat isn't just comfy—it's a total looker, too.
Box 1: 19"W x 19"D x 40"H
Assembly Required: No


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