Cityline – Featured Products With Jackie Glass

The June 15th episode of Canadian talk show Cityline, hosted by Tracy Moore, featured celebrity designer Jackie Glass talking about tropical trends and chic ways to mix wood, metal and glass furniture. We were thrilled to have several Style In Form pieces featured in Jackie’s segments.

When talking about tropical motifs and how to use the “palm tree” trend in your space, our round whitewash Salish stump was highlighted for its organic, natural look and versatility as a stool or accent table. We offer them in 3 sizes, in round or square, and in natural or whitewash finish.

Watch the full clip below or skip ahead to 5:10 to see our Salish stump.

In her segment about mixing wood, glass and metal in modern spaces, Jackie used our Cyclone accent tables, Tipis fruit bowls, Hairpin console table and rose gold Denzel chair. She loved the mixed materials and light and airy feel of our Cyclone glass and metal accent tables, especially when paired with our solid teak, Tipis fruit bowls. Tracy’s favourite piece was our solid teak Hairpin console table. Its live edge wood top and metal mid-century legs are totally in line with the mixed materials trend. Jackie loved its “natural vibe” and beautiful organic look, especially when paired with the warm hues of our rose gold Denzel chair.

Watch the full clip below.

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