Dallas The Wigolas

Dallas Jan8The newest member of the Style In Form family is Dallas, a Labrador/Newfoundland/American Staffordshire Terrier/Great Pyrenees mix, who was adopted from the Victoria SPCA by Norm and Karolina in December of last year. He is a year and a half old and was part of the Hope For Paws Animal Rescue Organization. “I wanted to adopt a Pitbull breed,” Karolina explained. “They are great dogs with a really bad rap.” When they visited him in Victoria, Dallas was mostly interested in playing with his ball, but it was love at first sight and he was told, “we love you and we willl take you anyways.”

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Dallas, AKA Mr. Wiggles or Dallas The Wigolas has his own Instagram Page and is on the verge of becoming a major celebrity. He doesn’t have Facebook… yet. Squeaky toys, chasing sticks and hanging out with his pals Zadie, Lola, Red and Pepe is how he likes to spend his days. He also likes to sleep – a lot.

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Dallas and NormDallas loves Karolina but he is obsessed with Norm. If ever the saying “Man’s best friend” were true, this would be the case. They are virtually inseparable, often doing deliveries for Style In Form together, and sometimes, when they are particularly mischievous, they end up in the cage…

Dallas does his obedience training at Dogsmart and has learned to “sit while wiggling,” “stay while wiggling,” and “bark on command… while wiggling.” He is a quick study and is moving on to more advanced classes, including agility, once the summer is over.

After spending many hours in the SIF showroom it’s pretty clear that Dallas’ favourite pieces from our collection are the Trudeau Storage Bed and the Fifi Occasional Chair. Karolina encapsulates everybody’s feelings towards Dallas quite eloquently when she says, “He’s the dopest dog ever!”

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