Designer Profile: Jamie Banfield talks community and collaboration

Jamie-BanfieldAfter spending some time with Jamie Banfield one quickly realizes he is not as quiet and reserved as he first presents. He is unabashedly excited about interior design and the process of people working together – both him with his clients and with the design community as a whole. Although his company, Jamie Banfield Design is widely recognized as an industry leader and his signature West Coast style has earned him numerous awards, including Best Of Houzz 2015 – Customer Service, you would never know it from meeting him. He does not want to talk about himself. He is much more interested in talking about his team, the “kick-ass community” he has behind him and how communication and collaboration are the basis of everything he does.

“I can only be as good as the people I surround myself with,” he says. “It starts with my team and extends to the on-site trades we use and the manufacturers we work with.”

Jamie lives in White Rock with his husband Aaron and draws most of his inspiration from his surroundings, be it the trees outside his living room window, the Chicago city skyline he became enamored with on a recent trip or the railway yards outside his office. “There is inspiration everywhere,” he says. “I like to use reclaimed or repurposed pieces whenever I can, or be sure to add in something that is one-of-a-kind.”

When asked which Style In Form pieces were his favourites, Jamie picked our Rail Side Table – “timeless and sophisticated” – Curve Chair – “love the shape” – and the Bebas Console Table – “love this piece, it is a show stopper.”


Jamie cares about the details and is a man who loves a plan. “There is a process we follow with every client that is essential to the success of the project. From the original “meet + inspire”, through concept and planning, everything is laid out. Expectations – on both sides – are set and then the client can just sit back and enjoy the ride. Design is fun, it shouldn’t be stressful.”

Another important piece to Jamie’s philosophy is buying local whenever possible. He is a “local entrepreneur” running a small Canadian business and he understands that pressure. He has built an extensive network of local contacts and suppliers, which gives his clients the most choice, the best pricing and only top of the line products.

It was our pleasure to work closely with Jamie at the BC Home + Garden Show, IDS West and the Vancouver Home + Design Show in 2015 and we are excited to partner up with him again this year.

We absolutely love Jamie’s design work. Here are some of our favourites.