Designer Profile: Teresa Cain Talks “Big Ideas”

cain_60-fWhen it comes to big ideas – in decorating, design, or doing what you really want with your life – Teresa Cain has a lot to say. She is the owner and principal designer at Interior Solutions Design Group Inc., a West Vancouver based interior decorating firm, that specializes in space planning, renovations and design.

Teresa didn’t start out with this career in mind. “It was all pretty unplanned,” she confessed, “I thought I might be a lawyer or do something in fashion. I’ve always had a particular sense of style – classic, but with a fun twist thrown in, so design wasn’t that big of a stretch.” In her teens, she took an after school job at an interior design store in her neighbourhood and never looked back.

“I’m very inspired by shapes and textures,” she told us. “I love to play with the unexpected, using an over-sized accessory to make a statement, or juxtaposing opposite styles to create interest.” She understands why Vancouver condos are decked out in sombre greys and fail-safe neutrals, but that doesn’t mean she has to like it. “I love an adventurous pop of colour or a non traditional wainscotting, something that draws the eye. I’ll try to get away with what I can, but I know how to exercise constraint – without being boring.”

We recently invited Teresa to our showroom to have a look around and talk about some of our Style In Form pieces and how they fit with current trends.

Coffee Table AngleShe was instantly enticed by our new AIM Handmade collection, because of its use of materials. “The high gloss with the walnut, the play of cool and warm, it’s unexpected and interesting.” She was most enamoured with the coffee table and its recessed base. “The big idea here is the illusion that the table is floating.”

With her most recent inspirations coming from L.A. Designers and Hollywood glamour, Teresa was unsurprisingly drawn to our metal and mirror pieces. “The baroque and pale golds are gorgeous. I would mix with a navy blue or some other on-trend colour or use them to warm up earth tones.”

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The other piece from our collection that she was captivated with is our Flute Dining Table. “First of all, that marble top is stunning. My big idea would be to go all out, add some super high wing chairs in quilted leather and a big, industrial light fixture – total rock n roll glam! You can really do anything with a table like this. It’s such a classic look. Adding some simple white chairs and allowing it to shine as a statement piece is another great way to go.”

IMG_1086One gets the impression after spending some time with Teresa that she isn’t one to rest on her laurels. She is constantly being inspired and dreaming of new ways to incorporate her extraordinary ideas into her design business. “I am always searching for new creative outlets, for new ways to express myself,” she told us. “One must continue to reach for the unexpected, to constantly rediscover what excites them, in business, and far more importantly, in life itself.”

We’ve chosen some of our favourite looks from Interior Solutions projects and included them below. Check out the rest of their work here.1318731112.5791312077020.1523