New Marble Coffee Tables And Desk (arriving early June)

From its earliest usage by Greek and Roman sculptors and architects in their statues and buildings, marble has always signified refined taste and classic style. Our new Marco and Moda coffee tables and Polo desk definitely live up to these timeless standards.

Moda Coffee Table setting 1

Moda Coffee Table 17.5″ H x 39″ Diameter

The tops are made from polished Volakas marble, quarried in the mountainside of Falakro, in Drama, Greece. “Volakas” – which comes from the name of a nearby village – is known as the “Carrara of Greece” due to its pristine all white background and rich grey or brown veins. The polish that coats the marble gives the smooth surface a shiny, much glossier look (than honed marble) and acts as a form of protection against stains.

Marco Coffee Table Beauty 2

Marco Coffee Table 17″ H x 47″ W x 23.5″ D

Each unique steel base has been designed for maximum visual impact using dark colours to create contrast and drama. The Polo and Moda coffee tables will come with adjustable feet for uneven surfaces.

Polo Desk Setting 1

Polo Desk 30.5″ H x 47″ W x 23.5″ D

Variations in veins is a common characteristic of marble, so no two pieces will look alike. We try our best to maintain consistency from slab to slab. Polished marble does not require as much re-sealing as honed marble, but it is still very important to wipe away any spills immediately as certain substances will etch the surface.

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