Profile: Norm Jasinski

It is easy to tell that Style In Form Operations Manager Norm Jasinski loves his job. “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” he says. “I am engaged in this business and my input matters.” “(SIF owner) Allison is a great person to work for. She considers our opinions and makes us feel like we are a part of something important. It’s about feeling valued.”


Norm’s been doing this a long time. 12 years with his previous company and now two at Style In Form have taught him a few things about customer service. “The customer is not always right,” he says with a laugh. “It’s my job to come up with solutions and options that work for both parties.”

When asked to list his six favourite pieces from the Style In Form collection, Norm chose the Dwell Chair “I have them at home and they are stackable!” Tulum (too-loom) Chair “comfortable and did I mention comfortable?” Griffin Desk “I love its sleek, mid century modern vibe” Earnie Coffee Table “I have it at home, it’s just a really great looking piece” Storm Mirror “it’s bold, makes a statement” and the Natura Collection “original, unique and versatile, it can go with anything.”

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Norm’s true passions are his wife, Karolina, the Vancouver Canucks (his favourite player is Daniel Sedin) and fishing. Every year he makes a 15 hour pilgrimage to Terrace, BC to catch Steelhead and experience what he calls, “the best place on earth!” The walls of his office are filled with pictures of him with his favourite hockey players and of him with an assortment of fish.






Here is how he answered some of our more serious questions:

Favourite Movie: Alien or Aliens – it’s a toss up.

Favourite TV Show: Elementary

Favourite Music: Pink Floyd.

Guilty Pleasure: Mesquite BBQ potato chips.

Last Meal: Spaghetti.

What is it like working with your wife every day?: “You mean, besides the fact that she’s always right?”