Shipping Information


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Shipping Information

We made shipping easier!

We have implemented new shipping rules that take some of the stress off orders where some items are in stock and ready to ship, while others are out-of-stock. When you place your order, you will be quoted a shipping rate for the entire order, regardless of inventory availability.

Why are we doing this?

Our customers typically want to ship an order when all items are in stock to avoid split and additional shipping charges. Holding those orders translates into inventory that isn’t making its way to you and a risk that when the out-of-stock items on your original order finally arrive, products that were once in stock, may no longer be available. It can get confusing and frustrating, and we don’t want that.

With our new policy, you don’t have to worry about extra basic shipping costs when orders are split. We quote you a rate for the entire order and that is the rate you pay, even if the order is split into multiple shipments.

If all items are in stock: We ship your order immediately. You are charged for the order, and shipping plus any additional charges such as tailgate, residential delivery etc. If some items are in stock and others are out of stock: We quote you a shipping rate for the entire order

  • In-stock items ship immediately. You are charged for the items + shipping and additional services at the quoted rate.
  • When the remaining products come in, we ship them right away at the same quoted rate. No need to contact you with a shipping quote - we just ship the order.
  • Services such as tailgate or residential delivery will be charged with each shipment.

Our goal is to get you the product you want as quickly as possible.

Now, you will get products faster and spend less time tracking shipment costs and orders. This new policy means we might have to pay more for shipping split orders, but overall, the benefits outweigh any additional costs.