Staff Profile – Karolina Jasinski

Karolina wins employee of the month every month – she’s the only one who votes…

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Karolina joined Style In Form 2 years ago and although she “hates labels” her official role is Office Manager – let’s be clear about this though, she basically runs the place. She is kind, very thorough, has a wicked sense of humour and enjoys her work. “I love that I have a lot of input,” she says, “Allison is one of my best friends but also a terrific boss. We have the most amazing customers and every day is something new and exciting.” When asked to describe exactly what she does, she replies, dead-panned, “I have my fingers in a lot of different pies.”






Karolina’s favourite pieces from the Style In Form collection are as varied as her many roles. “I love the Juno Mirrors, they’re pretty dope.” Her house is filled with SIF pieces, including Dwell Chairs, “so comfortable and unique,” Tulum Chairs, “I love that my cats can’t scratch them,” and an Earnie Coffee Table, “I saw it and I had to have it .” She also named the Hara Collection, “clean, crisp, still one of our top sellers,” the Britt Collection, “it’s simple and rustic, yet beautiful,” and the Bebas Console Table, “each one is so different, it’s like a wonderful surprise when they are unwrapped.”

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Here is how Karolina answered some of our more serious questions:

Favourite movie: Cry Baby

Favourite actress: Sandra Bullock

Last meal: My great-grandmother’s blueberry perogies. “It’s a Polish thing.”

Favourite music: Hip Hop and Rap. “I grew up listening to Tupac.”

Favourite TV show: Boardwalk Empire

Crush: Charlie Hunnam “You know, Jax from Sons Of Anarchy?”

What’s it like working with your husband every day?: “I ignore him for the most part!”

Seriously?: “No, I’m blessed to work with him every day and still have such a great relationship.”

Secret shame: “I don’t have one, I’m perfect.”

We couldn’t agree more!