Staff Profile – Scott Henderson

Scott “Scotty” Henderson has worked for Style In form since March 2012. He started part-time, helping Norm around the warehouse, unloading containers and doing the occasional delivery. In December 2012 he was hired on full-time and now handles Operations, outbound shipments and deliveries, plus occasional office work.


Outgoing and friendly, Scotty enjoys getting out and interacting with the public. “I spend half of my time in the warehouse and the other half on deliveries,” he says. “It’s perfect for me because I never get bored. He loves that Style In Form is a small company without the pressure of a corporate environment. “I can be myself and do my job without somebody always looking over my shoulder.” His list of people he wants to “inject into space” is extensive, but underneath the gruff exterior is a hard working, reliable young man, who lists his biggest success as his daughter Jade. “She’s working on her stick handling skills. She’s getting really good! She loves hockey!” Jade is 18 months old and clearly the apple of her Daddy’s eye. Her big dream is to one day play in the NHL…

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Scotty’s favourite pieces from the Style In Form collection are based on practicality. He named the Griffin Desk because it is “light and easy to assemble,” the Tulum Chair because “you can take it camping,” and the Brava Stool because “it looks like something you would see on Game Of Thrones.” Other favourites were the Cedric Chair, “everyone needs a piece that makes a statement,” the Portia Bed,” and the Sierra Chain Mirror.

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Here is how Scotty answered some of our more serious questions:

Favourite Movie: The Empire Strikes Back

Favourite Actor: Harrison Ford

Favourite Actress: Kate Beckinsale, “it has nothing to do with the black leather suit!”

Last Meal: Steak, “BBQ’d, rare!”

Favourite Music: Led Zeppelin, “it’s why Jade’s middle name is Page.”

TV: Hockey Night In Canada

Guilty Pleasure: Ice Caps

Secret Shame: “…I once bought a Spice Girls album….”

We all did, Scotty. We all did…