Top 5 Expected Best Sellers for Furniture and Accessories in 2018

We pay extremely close attention to what our cherished customers ask for.

And then we deliver.

Here you can find our expected best sellers for the coming year. Leave a comment if you agree!

  • Beds. We have two new beds coming in – one is the Jude bed and the other is the Justin (in a new colour – Woven Cream); both with storage and non-storage options. Especially for cities that are growing up, not out, the storage options are HOT!jude and justin headboards fabric upholstered grey
  • Rattan. We premiered our Butterfly chair at our winter 2017 open house to rave reviews! You loved it so much that we are bringing in a full line this spring. We’ll have rattan chairs, rattan baskets, rattan accent tables, rattan accessories, you name it, we’re bringing it in.weave chairs rattan metal base black and white


eden rattan accent table side small natural

eden bamboo lantern natural

  • Rugs. We received such great feedback when we announced we were bringing in a line of rugs and we are thrilled they’ll be here in the spring of 2018. Expect light greys and woven fabrics like this:

  • Velvets in jewel tones. We are seeing this trend everywhere and we are thrilled that we found some beautiful colour options on our buying trips last year. Expect to see our popular Fifi, Eli and Ethan chairs in a new deep greens, ink blues, and smokey greys. We’ll be showcasing these beautiful velvet chairs at the 2018 Spring Gift Fair in Toronto, Ontario later this month.

ethan swivel chair blue velvet fabric upholstered side occasional chair

  • Wall Décor. This hot accessory took off straight out of the gate when we launched our new line at last year’s gift fair. Leaves are hot, as are animals, and our new abstracts.

canvas wall decor art brown frame green abstract canvas wall decor brown wood frame banana leaf acrylic wall decor classic stag black and white artwork deer Canvas wall decor, Style In Form, Vancouver


Heading to Toronto for the Spring Gift Fair? Pop by booth 11213, Hall 11, in Congress Centre North, and booth 1722, hall 1, International Centre for a peek at these, and more, items. We’ll have show promotions and flash sales throughout the event.