Why Hotels Choose Wholesale Furniture Suppliers Like Style In Form: Unlocking Unique Aesthetics and Durability

Posted by Anita Petersen on 25th Sep 2023

Why Hotels Partner with Wholesale Furniture Suppliers

In the world of hospitality, the ambiance and guest experience hold top importance.

Just as a chef is meticulous about the ingredients they use; hoteliers need to be discerning about the furniture and decor that grace their properties. This is where wholesale furniture suppliers like Style In Form come into play. Let’s dive into the compelling reasons why hotels are increasingly looking to collaborate with wholesale furniture suppliers.

  1. Achieving Unique and Memorable Looks
    In an age where guests are well-travelled and have seen it all, creating a distinct aesthetic is crucial. Suppliers like Style In Form offer a unique catalogue of options, allowing hotels to veer away from cookie-cutter designs. Instead, they can curate spaces that tell a story, evoke emotion, or transport guests to another world.
  2. Customized Products Tailored to Needs
    Every hotel has its own unique vibe and brand. Wholesale suppliers often offer customization options that allow hotels to reflect their distinct personality and ethos in every piece of furniture. Whether it's tweaking dimensions to fit a particular space or altering designs to suit a theme, customization ensures that the furniture complements the hotel’s identity.
  3. Commercial-Grade Durability
    Hotels see a lot of traffic. Furniture isn’t just for show; it needs to withstand the test of time and the wear and tear of countless guests. Working with a supplier to purchase commercial-grade furniture ensures that while the furniture looks elegant and stylish, it’s also built to last, providing a great return on investment.
  4. Expert Guidance on Design and Function
    At Style In Form we don't just sell products; we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every hospitality project. When we work with a hotel property, we make sure you get advice on the best pieces to fit your needs, considering both design aesthetics and functionality. This guidance can be invaluable, especially for properties that aim to balance style with practicality.
  5. The Magic of Performance Fabrics
    Style and durability can coexist, thanks to the use of performance fabrics. These magical fabrics are designed to resist stains, wear, and fading, ensuring that the furniture retains its pristine look even after extensive use. For hotels, this means less frequent replacements and maintenance, leading to significant long-term savings. At Style In Form, we also believe that what touches people and pets needs to be safe. That’s why we only recommend and use C0-rated performance fabrics. These fabrics are crafted with advanced plant-based chemistries and are free of harmful substances like PFC, PFOA, and PFOS. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they also offer moisture repellency, stain resistance, stain release, and odour resistance.
  6. Building Long-Term Relationships
    Establishing a relationship with a trusted supplier isn't just about a single transaction. It's about building a partnership. As hotels grow, expand, or renovate, having a reliable furniture supplier means consistency in quality and style. Furthermore, long-standing relationships often lead to better deals, priority services, and a smoother sourcing process.

When a guest walks into a hotel, every element - from the lighting to the furniture - plays a role in shaping their experience. Ask us how we can ensure that this experience is not just memorable, but also lasting. With unique designs, high-grade durability, expert guidance, and the advantage of long-term relationships, it’s no wonder hotels are making the strategic choice to partner with wholesale furniture suppliers.